Viva Vita! 04-4

From In Your Garden Again By Vita Sackville-West This, I fear is not going to be a very practical article. It will be of no use at all to anyone who is making or planting a garden. But as it will appear on All Fool’s Day I may be allowed a frivolity for once. Advertisements

Soils Management (Intro)

Big Fleas have little fleas Upon their backs to bite’em And little fleas have smaller fleas And so ad infinitum

Four Hedges

Four Hedges By Clare Leighton Reviewed by lyn from her blog: I Prefer Reading I’ve been aware of Clare Leighton for a long time. Firstly, as the sister of Roland Leighton, Vera Brittain’s fiancé who was killed just before Christmas 1915. Roland’s death & the other bereavements Vera suffered during WWI were devastating for Vera as they…

Keeping Current…

At the risk of sounding bombastic, it is my personal opinion that Thomas Woltz will far surpass the accomplishments of America’s best known contemporary landscape architects before he hits the age of 50. This includes not only the likes of Michael Van Valkenburgh,  Martha Schwartz, Peter Walker and Kathryn Gustafson–just to name a few. But I…

Spring at BBG (III)

I know this is totally lame but I accidentally reformatted my flash card prior to downloading my BBG Spring (III) pix. That said, here’s two lovely shots of my beloved  Grand Army Plaza.

Viva Vita! 04-3

From In Your Garden  By Vita Sackville-West A very pleasing little shrub or tree, not often seen in gardens, has been in bloom since the middle of March. It is not at all showy, and most people would pass it by without noticing, unless they caught a whiff of the scent; it is pure vanilla. This is Azara microphylla.

The Curious Gardener (April)

From The Curious Gardener  By Anna Pavord There are moments in the gardening year when, like Cecil B. De Mille, you want to shout ”Hold it’ and freeze the scene, just as it is in every detail, for just a little longer…

Spring at BBG (II)

Of course the first noteworthy event of spring is the spectacle of Magnolia Terrace. While last year was somewhat subdued. This year is pretty exceptional so far… Simply Enchanting!

Keeping Current…

I’m generally leery of over-architecturalized urban parks as they have become a cipher of Architecture’s hostile take-over of Landscape Architecture. However, one must make exceptions and The Australian Garden by Taylor Cullity Lethlean and Paul Thompson is truly a worthy exception.

Viva Vita! 04-2

From More For Your Garden  By Vita Sackville-West The great white Magnolia denudata, or Yulan tree, began to open it’s flowers along it’s leafless branches yesterday, a magnificent site against the pale blue of the April sky. The cool weather we endured throughout February and March this year suited its arrangements perfectly, for a warm spell during the…

Sargent…So Sublime!

John Singer Sargent Watercolors at the Brooklyn Museum Whatever you do in 2013, you CANNOT miss this show!!!