Getting My Hands Dirty

Pruning in 15° weather in Brooklyn Bridge Park with Chet Schmitt and Marina McCoy. Advertisements

Getting My Hands Dirty (November)

With the end November comes also the end of the gardening season and subsequently both my ‘internship’ at Brooklyn Bridge Park and my weekly shifts at the Narrows Botanical Garden.

Getting My Hands Dirty (October 2013)

As the second month of my horticultural ‘apprenticeship’ comes to a close I can say with absolute conviction that I have chosen the best course in gaining the sort of  knowledge I am seeking as an aspiring landscape designer. The idea of returning to a conventional office job within the confines of a landscape architecture…

Getting My Hands Dirty (September 2013)

Just prior to embarking on my journey of (career) transition I was able to secure a volunteer gardening position in Brooklyn Bridge Park. While I am hoping to work up to three days a week they started me off at one and I will say that this was probably a very wise decision on their…